Sunshine Village - The Buffalo Trees Saved the Children of the Sun - 180 Gram Colored Vinyl ( Limited Gatefold 1st Pressing of 500 Includes Children's Book )

Sunshine Village - The Buffalo Trees Saved the Children of the Sun - 180 Gram Colored Vinyl ( Limited Gatefold 1st Pressing of 500 Includes Children's Book )

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Soon after America's favorite surf pop band broke up in 1967, Sunshine Village rose from the ashes, leaving behind teenage surf anthems for melancholy songs of lost love and political angst. ‘’The Buffalo Trees Saved the Children of the Sun'' is Sunshine Village's second full length record, made during their 1968 lost recording sessions. It acts as an opus to the accompanying, psychedelic anti-war children's book of the same name.


''The Buffalo Trees Saved the Children of the Sun'' weaves dreamy orchestral folk through mountains of lush, psychedelic harmonies to tell the story of a group of teenagers deserting the war that is emerging in Northern Ireland during the late 1960's. The Children of the Sun find solace deep inside the enchanted Mossley Mill forest with their new friends, the Buffalo Trees.


MONOLITHIC Pictures Director Ryan Hartsell and Male Cancer Awareness Campaign were selected by Oculus as part of their Vr for Good initiative to bring a greater awareness to testicular cancer. Early detection and early treatment saves lives. ‘’The Evolution of Testicles,’’ a live action 360 VR short starring, Chris O’Dowd, will be premiering this year as an official selection at SXSW. ’’The Buffalo Tree's Saved the Children of the Sun'' was re-mixed and mastered in spacial audio for the official soundtrack, featuring musicians from Leon Bridges, Apples in Stereo, The Earlies (UK), Deathray Davies, Don Henley (The Eagles), and the lead singer and founder of the Polyphonic Spree. 

A 180 Gram Colored Vinyl/Children's and book is included in the first run of 500 copies. 25% of the proceeds from all hard copy and digital sales will be donated to Male Cancer Awareness Campaign ( ).

Mixed, mastered and recorded at Klearlight Studios, Dallas,Texas by Jimi Bowman and Dylan Silvers.

Produced by Dylan Silvers, MONOLITHIC pictures, and Jimi Bowman.


“The Buffalo Tree's Saved The Children of the Sun'' book was written by Dylan Silvers & Jason Godi, and illustrated by Dylan Silvers, with interior color by Shawn Steven Struble.


Cover art for the LP by Pete Herzog and Ryan Hartsell.


Sunshine Village 2018:

Dylan Silvers: Producer, Guitars, Vocals, Percussion

Becki Howard: Lead and Backing Vocals, Violin

D. Hayes Smith: Bass, Barry Sax, Mellotron, Backing Vocals

Kevin Howard: Piano, Organ

Evan Hisey: Lead and Backing Vocals

Ele Chupik: Lead and Backing Vocals

Brandon Carr: ead and backing Vocals

Tim Delaughter: Lead Vocals

Jennifer Jobe Penn: Lead and Backing Vocals

Beau Wagener: Guitars, Vocals

Jason Potter: Flute, Percussion

Andrew Barner: Percussion

Robert Anderson: Trap Kit, Percussion 

Jason Garner: Percussion

Nick Earl: Lead Guitars

Rich Martin: Piano, Organ

Chris Holt: Slide Guitar

Rodney Engelbosch : Organs, Piano, Mellotron, Vocals

Matt Tolentino: French Style Accordion, Clarinet

Reivin Johnson: Vocals

Heather test: French Horn

Jess Garland Medlock: Harp

Channing Hooper: Violin

Miguel Cantu: Viola

Rachel Phares: Cello

Antone Amalbert : Bass Trombone 

Mikel Finkel (Of The Jersey Horns): Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Cornet

David Reid: Bag Pipes

John Dufilo: Guitars, Percussion

Rich Bono: Timpani 

Taylor Young: Acoustic Guitar, Percussion

Ross Vick: Piano, Vocals

Jay Jernigan: Vocals