Artists, Musicians, Creators, Activists, Idealists, Dreamers... Monolithic Pictures is an art collective group of original thinkers continually bringing you deeply inspired original content from a place of passion.

Monolithic Pictures was conceived in 2012 by musician Dylan Silvers and filmmaker Ryan Hartsell. The two set out to combine comic, art, film and music into one large multi-media universe. After releasing their first album, Defender 1 (cover art by British comic and film artist Jock) and accompanying video short Fornication, Monolithic added writer and filmmaker Jason Godi. The three set out to expand the Monolithic universe, creating numerous video shorts, albums, and the newly published graphic novel Slaves For Gods. Since 2012, Monolithic Pictures has released 5 video shorts, 5 music/art projects, and a VR film that has been featured in film festivals all over the world. Each project has its own identity, but connects into one larger story that is constantly evolving day to day.

Monolithic Pictures Core Members

Dylan Silvers - Producer, Writer, Musician, Artist, Actor

Ryan Hartsell - Director, Writer, Graphic Artist, Live Visuals

Jason Godi - Writer, Film Production, Actor

Dylan Rogers - DP, Film Production

Ross Vick - Producer, Licensing

Pete Herzog - Live Visuals

Aaron Minier - Comic Artist

Mark Hay - Editor, Actor, Film Production

Jimi Bowman - Engineer, Producer

Michael Sanger - Web Designer, Web Developer, Musician



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