Published by Hermes Press in 2017, the first volume of SLAVES FOR GODS is an original graphic novel that contains the first four chapters of the story. SLAVES FOR GODS is a post 9/11 conspiracy thriller that plays out like an 80’s sci-fi adventure film. Taking place in modern day, it follows two computer programmers and an anarchist group, trying to bring down the evil corporation, Sen-Tec, and its maniacal CEO. Additional interior art contributions by James O’barr (The Crow), Clayton Stillwell (The Book of Life), Antoine Dode (Percy Jackson, The Crow), and Sebastian Fiumara (Abe Sapien). The art collective, Monolithic Pictures, expands upon the world created in SLAVES FOR GODS through multiple forms of media including film and music. Cover A contains a full-length digital download to the new album “Teenage LSD” (Dreamy Analog 60's Wall of Sound Psyc Pop) by Sunshine Village while Cover B contains a completely different also previously unreleased full-length digital download to the album “SLAVES FOR GODS” (Electro-Cyber Punk, Shoe Gaze) by These Machines Are Winning.

Contributing artists include Jock (Witches, All-Star Batman, The Last Jedi, Ex-Machina), Charlie Adlard (Primary artist of The Walking Dead), and James O'barr (Creator of The Crow )