Monolithic Pictures @ SXSW 2018 with VR short, "The Evolution of Testicles."

Monolithic Pictures will be representing at SXSW in honor of the piece, "The Evolution of Testicles" at this year's Virtual Cinema.  Starring Chris O'Dowd and spanning 3 different countries, Ryan Hartsell ( VR Technical Director at Flight School Studio and Monolithic Co-Founder), directed this piece for Oculus' Vr for Good initiative for the charity, Male Cancer Awareness Campaign collaborating with Patrick Cox specifically to focus on testicular cancer.  Dylan Silvers orchestrated and composed a complete body of music for the piece as well as a full length album with Sunshine Village entitled "The Buffalo Children Saved the Children of the Sun." The album is available for PRE-ORDER @ Monolithic and a generous portion of the proceeds from all hard copy and digital sales will be donated to Male Cancer Awareness Campaign ( ).

“Two Parts humor, One part emotion, this salty sweet VR piece starring Chris O’Dowd intends to raise awareness about testicular cancer through laughter and inspiration. Starting from the dawn of time and culminating to the inaugural flight of Skyballs ( a 100ft tall ballsack hot air balloon and ultimate male cancer awareness tool ), this experience showcases man’s fascination with their dangly bits, but calls upon them to lose the embarrassment when it comes to self examination and to start sharing with others. Testicular cancer is one of the most curable forms of cancer if caught early.”

"The Evolution of Testicles" will be showing March 13-16 at the Virtual Cinema located @ JW Marriott on the 4th floor