[DARYL] - The Technology - CD ( RARE 1st Pressing )

[DARYL] - The Technology - CD ( RARE 1st Pressing )

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[Daryl] The Technology [Decline of a Failing Metropolis ]

[Daryl]'s debut full length album ''The Technology'' came out in 2001 on Beatville Records.

This record paved the way for the early stages of the Monolithic Universe. It is a conceptual record about the rise of machines and the downfall of technology in Tokyo.


The Technology has a new wave, post punk, sound. but stands out from some of the other releases of this time period.


Emotional driven lyrics dipped with very melodic hook driven layers; voicing the sounds of the Police and Gary Newman.  Lush, but it lays out an edge with its analog keyboard heavy wall's. The tracks unexpectedly connect with piano interludes and strings through one other like a punk rock opus.


The Technology is one of [Daryl] finest hours. Featuring guest vocals, guitars and the track order from musician and producer John Congleton (St.Vincent, Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky)